Designer, unlike a doctor or a driver, doesn’t need a license to be a designer and so, this situation brings a question to us,

“How do we know that we are good enough to be a designer?”

Is it when we have finished the college? Or is it when we know all the shortcuts in Photoshop?

What’s the passing grade for a designer?

Some may say that it’s when you can make a design with a concept, not just a pretty visual. The others may give different answers. On top of that, design is a subjective field, what do you think is great may not be great to the others.

When I started the college (in my old school), I used to see my design subjectively and when I got bad marks I often think that the teacher was stupid, because in my head my design was perfect.

As the time goes by, I stopped looking at my design with my heart and started to see it with my eyes and at that time I realized that my designs were terrible and I even asking myself, how can I think these craps are beautiful?

So, based on my experiences (Okay, I know that I don’t have that much of experiences, but still, I want to share it with you), the first sign of how do you know you’re ready to be a designer is when you stopped being a fan of your own design and started to see things a bit more objectively. At some points, sure it’s good to adore your own design, but as the saying said too many good things ruin your life.

Secondly, design is not art. Design involves other people. So, when you’re not only think about yourself and started to think of the others, you know that you’re ready.

A few days ago, I read a really good article about book cover design on and it really stuck on my head. I used to think of me, myself and I when I designing something and I even got into an argument with my client because he didn’t like my design. It’s because of my way of thinking is wrong. As it said on, if I’m not the target market, then the client won’t care of what I think.

Last thing, you’ll never be good enough, because design is about learning for your whole life. I never think of myself is good enough to be a designer, but I still in the business. So it’s not about how good you are, but how passionate you are. For me, as long as there’s someone (other than my family and friends) who think my design is good, I will do it. It’s always better to be a smart idiot than a stupid genius.

“I was an idiot and now I’m a smarter idiot.”