‘One of the biggest impediments to adopting design thinking is simply fear of failure.’

I read that quote when I was helping my friend to read some articles a few days ago. When I read that I was thinking, how many of us have claimed that we are the creatives, that we think differently from the normal people? While in reality, how many of us, are afraid to do something new because we are afraid to fail?

‘It’s never been done, I’m not sure I could do it,’

I used to think like that, but I stopped, because that mindset didn’t bring me anywhere. You know, the ‘I Can’t’ mindset is like a destructive poison, it will ruining your creative mind.

Well, It is easier to be less creative and saying I can’t than going all the way to do something new and fail. But, how could we call ourselves as the creatives if we just doing the same monotonous things. Geez.

The thing is, everybody fails before they succeed.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junks” –  Thomas Alfa Edison

I know failing hurts. I fail most of the time. But, just because it hurts doesn’t mean we have to fear it.

Last thing, I just want to remind us (myself included), when we claimed that we are the creative people, we have to be ready to take a risk and do something creative.

‘Try and fail, but don’t fail to try’