Is our day job more than self-slavery?
When we’re locked watching the clock impatiently.
We sweat for the dollar bills, the checks and the credit cards.
But the dollar kills, breaks the necks of our inner hearts

Epik High-

Money always become an issue for everyone and being a designer is not the best way to become a millionaire. People always thought that designer makes a lot of money and that’s true, for a famous designer. The fact is, new designers or fresh graduates won’t make much. The dilemma is we need money to survive.

Recently, I’m reading ‘How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer’ by Debbie Millman and I have to say that this book is a good read. When I was reading Milton Glaser part, I’m shocked or I should say it’s more like I’m amazed. It’s not because of how great is he as a designer (obviously, he’s a freaking awesome designer) but because he was making $65/week when he worked at Push Pin. When I read that, I was like, ‘WHAAAATTTT? How the hell did you survive that?’

For me, work
was about survival. I had to work in order to have
any sense of being human.

Milton Glaser-

Those words made me realize of why am I doing design, of why did I choose design at the college.

Did I choose design because of the money?


Then why?

Because I love it.

It’s simple yet I need a lot of time to figure that out. So, who cares if I don’t make a million in a month? Who cares if my parents told me that I deserve more money than what I already have? I do things that I like and I’m happy and on top of that, I’m paid to do that. Isn’t that just what people always dream of?

My job isn’t a self-slavery. I don’t watch the clock impatiently, I even want to add more hours so that I could work more. I don’t sweat because of the dollar bills, checks or credit cards. I do my job because I love it. And that’s enough for me.