In the past few days I feel really bad . I woke up late. I had no desire to work.

I was really down and lazy. My work was suffocating and I feel really bored with doing the same thing over and over again.

It was awful.

Until today.

I was doing my usual net-surfing and found this guy on Psd Tutplus. And I was like ‘WOW’.

His works are awesome, inspirational and on top of that, he’s a musician. (Well, I’m learning guitar right now and I’m really suck so that the fact he could playing guitar so well amazed me.)

And the best part of him is his quote,

“Every idea is worth bringing to life, but it’s the execution that makes it worth seeing.”

That’s exactly how I feel!

I mean, sure, in design the main idea or the concept is important, but the thing that matters the most is the execution. We are designers and not philosophers. You can bull-shitting about the meaning behind the logo for the rest of your life, but if the execution isn’t good enough, the logo is still a fail.

That’s enough of my rant.

Last thing, please check out this guy’s interview on Psd Tutsplus.

Pijecki’s Behance