‘One of the biggest impediments to adopting design thinking is simply fear of failure.’

I read that quote when I was helping my friend to read some articles a few days ago. When I read that I was thinking, how many of us have claimed that we are the creatives, that we think differently from the normal people? While in reality, how many of us, are afraid to do something new because we are afraid to fail?

‘It’s never been done, I’m not sure I could do it,’

I used to think like that, but I stopped, because that mindset didn’t bring me anywhere. You know, the ‘I Can’t’ mindset is like a destructive poison, it will ruining your creative mind.

Well, It is easier to be less creative and saying I can’t than going all the way to do something new and fail. But, how could we call ourselves as the creatives if we just doing the same monotonous things. Geez.

The thing is, everybody fails before they succeed.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junks” –  Thomas Alfa Edison

I know failing hurts. I fail most of the time. But, just because it hurts doesn’t mean we have to fear it.

Last thing, I just want to remind us (myself included), when we claimed that we are the creative people, we have to be ready to take a risk and do something creative.

‘Try and fail, but don’t fail to try’


Stop the Bullshit

First, this artwork is dedicated for my ex-friend.

Here is the story.

Have you ever lost a friend?

For me, yeah, I think I’m losing one right now.

I hate to admit it, but money does win over friendship.

The actual story gonna be too long to be told in detail here, but in short, my ‘friend’ started lying to me about my money.

And the thing that annoys me the most is he made an obvious lie. Oh, come on. If you are going to lie, at least be smart about it.

Well, that’s it. I’m done with it. You’re no longer my friend. Bye-bye :]

P.S : Just stop bullshitting me. I’m getting tired.

Last Friday I went to Lasalle’s Graduation Show & Seminar – Genesis. A lot of things happened and I was late, but fortunately I still could attend the Photography Seminar.

I’m really glad that I could attend the seminar, I learnt a lot of new things from there.

Well, here are some photos from the Photography Seminar.


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Designer, unlike a doctor or a driver, doesn’t need a license to be a designer and so, this situation brings a question to us,

“How do we know that we are good enough to be a designer?”

Is it when we have finished the college? Or is it when we know all the shortcuts in Photoshop?

What’s the passing grade for a designer?

Some may say that it’s when you can make a design with a concept, not just a pretty visual. The others may give different answers. On top of that, design is a subjective field, what do you think is great may not be great to the others.

When I started the college (in my old school), I used to see my design subjectively and when I got bad marks I often think that the teacher was stupid, because in my head my design was perfect.

As the time goes by, I stopped looking at my design with my heart and started to see it with my eyes and at that time I realized that my designs were terrible and I even asking myself, how can I think these craps are beautiful?

So, based on my experiences (Okay, I know that I don’t have that much of experiences, but still, I want to share it with you), the first sign of how do you know you’re ready to be a designer is when you stopped being a fan of your own design and started to see things a bit more objectively. At some points, sure it’s good to adore your own design, but as the saying said too many good things ruin your life.

Secondly, design is not art. Design involves other people. So, when you’re not only think about yourself and started to think of the others, you know that you’re ready.

A few days ago, I read a really good article about book cover design on selfpublishingteam.com and it really stuck on my head. I used to think of me, myself and I when I designing something and I even got into an argument with my client because he didn’t like my design. It’s because of my way of thinking is wrong. As it said on selfpublishingteam.com, if I’m not the target market, then the client won’t care of what I think.

Last thing, you’ll never be good enough, because design is about learning for your whole life. I never think of myself is good enough to be a designer, but I still in the business. So it’s not about how good you are, but how passionate you are. For me, as long as there’s someone (other than my family and friends) who think my design is good, I will do it. It’s always better to be a smart idiot than a stupid genius.

“I was an idiot and now I’m a smarter idiot.”

In the past few days I feel really bad . I woke up late. I had no desire to work.

I was really down and lazy. My work was suffocating and I feel really bored with doing the same thing over and over again.

It was awful.

Until today.

I was doing my usual net-surfing and found this guy on Psd Tutplus. And I was like ‘WOW’.

His works are awesome, inspirational and on top of that, he’s a musician. (Well, I’m learning guitar right now and I’m really suck so that the fact he could playing guitar so well amazed me.)

And the best part of him is his quote,

“Every idea is worth bringing to life, but it’s the execution that makes it worth seeing.”

That’s exactly how I feel!

I mean, sure, in design the main idea or the concept is important, but the thing that matters the most is the execution. We are designers and not philosophers. You can bull-shitting about the meaning behind the logo for the rest of your life, but if the execution isn’t good enough, the logo is still a fail.

That’s enough of my rant.

Last thing, please check out this guy’s interview on Psd Tutsplus.

Pijecki’s Behance

Is our day job more than self-slavery?
When we’re locked watching the clock impatiently.
We sweat for the dollar bills, the checks and the credit cards.
But the dollar kills, breaks the necks of our inner hearts

Epik High-

Money always become an issue for everyone and being a designer is not the best way to become a millionaire. People always thought that designer makes a lot of money and that’s true, for a famous designer. The fact is, new designers or fresh graduates won’t make much. The dilemma is we need money to survive.

Recently, I’m reading ‘How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer’ by Debbie Millman and I have to say that this book is a good read. When I was reading Milton Glaser part, I’m shocked or I should say it’s more like I’m amazed. It’s not because of how great is he as a designer (obviously, he’s a freaking awesome designer) but because he was making $65/week when he worked at Push Pin. When I read that, I was like, ‘WHAAAATTTT? How the hell did you survive that?’

For me, work
was about survival. I had to work in order to have
any sense of being human.

Milton Glaser-

Those words made me realize of why am I doing design, of why did I choose design at the college.

Did I choose design because of the money?


Then why?

Because I love it.

It’s simple yet I need a lot of time to figure that out. So, who cares if I don’t make a million in a month? Who cares if my parents told me that I deserve more money than what I already have? I do things that I like and I’m happy and on top of that, I’m paid to do that. Isn’t that just what people always dream of?

My job isn’t a self-slavery. I don’t watch the clock impatiently, I even want to add more hours so that I could work more. I don’t sweat because of the dollar bills, checks or credit cards. I do my job because I love it. And that’s enough for me.

Basically Liana Tax Consultant is…. a tax consultant and just for my two cents tax consultant always sounds boring. Therefore I decided to make a simple and professional look for the brochure, but I don’t want it to be boring and so-so. And then, it became like this.

Actually, I pretty much happy with the result, however your opinion maybe different and I’d like to hear it.

Last note, the stock is taken from bizlor from sxc.hu.